Sell and Rent Back Your Property with us

Property Mate's "Sell and Rent Back" option is ideal for clients looking to sell their property and remain in it - as a tenant. This means that for many of our clients they can solve both living and financial worries - simply and easily.

Our Rent Back scheme will suit you if:
  1. You don't want to move you and your family into rented accommodation - preferring to remain in your own home.
  2. Want to stay as a tenant but don't want to sell to a home reversion or equity release company. In return for favourable rental terms, these companies will want a substantial discount (in some cases paying you just 30% of the value of your home).
  3. You are experiencing financial pressure or are being threatened with repossession and would like equity to be released in order to repay debts and reduce your monthly outgoings. You can start afresh without debts spiraling out of control.
  4. You are concerned about property prices and would like to sell and bank your profit.
  5. We have bought property from clients who were not experiencing financial difficulty - they simply wanted to be mortgage free and in some cases also release equity.
  6. Or maybe you would simply like to release funds for any purpose - yet still enjoy living in your home.

Many clients approach us because they do not want the stress and headache of finding a new property - not to mention the added cost of moving and removal costs. We can remove that stress for both you and your family - without the upheaval and disruption normally involved.

Next Steps

At Property Mate, we are here to help and tailor a solution around you. If you would like to discuss your rent back options in more detail, call 01484 490 191 today or complete the quick response form.

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