Need repossession help? Contact the experts!

Facing repossession or eviction with mounting debts or mortgage arrears, but don't want to move?

Want to release equity in your property without leaving your home?

At Property Mate, we can help with your repossession and stop it fast. Most people who are facing repossession have either mortgage arrears or secured loan arrears. We can step in, exchange contracts and clear these arrears for you to stop the eviction. Then we'll buy your property very quickly, enabling you to get back on your feet again.

We cover all your solicitor fees so you have nothing to pay at all, we can also arrange for rent free periods afterwards to give you some breathing space once the sale has gone through.

We can help stop eviction or repossession

We can offer a sell and rent back option to people in need of a quick sale and rent back. As Huddersfield's local house buyer, we can buy your property and then rent it back to you - all within the space of a week (if necessary)!

Property Mate's sell and rent back solution means a faster house sale, without the hassle of having to find new accommodation. For a lot of our clients, this means that they can resolve their financial and accommodation problems in one transaction.

With interest rates rising all the time and unscrupulous lenders charging very high fees it's no wonder more homeowners are coming to us for help, you are not alone. We offer a sympathetic ear and will come up with a solution for you, fast.

The advantages for you are clear:

  1. You avoid repossession.
  2. You receive more money for your property than you would via a repossession sale at auction.
  3. You can repay your mortgage and clear your debts.
  4. You could be left with cash and a clear credit record.
  5. Borrow money in the future at lower rates (no adverse rating) and move on with your life.

Did you know that, even if you have already been evicted, there are many cases when we can help by negotiating with the lender to purchase your property, and reinstate you back into your home!

As Huddersfield's leading professional house buyer - we have years of experience in dealing with these situations.

Next steps

If you are under threat of repossession, contact us as soon as possible on 01484 490 191 or complete the quick response form - we are here to offer you help.

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