How can I find out if Property Mate can help me?
See our let us help you section. Contact Property Mate by calling 01484 490 191 (lines open 24 hours, 7 days a week) or contact us. We will take you through the process step by step. We will listen to your needs and find the solution to help you.
What areas does Property Mate cover?
We buy in Huddersfield and surrounding areas only.
How much will it cost me?
Nothing. NO selling fees, NO survey fees and NO legal fees up to a maximum of £1,000 provided you proceed to completion of the sale using our panel of solicitors (regulated by the Law Society).
How quickly can you buy my home for cash?
We work to a timescale which fits into your schedule. We will be as flexible as possible to ensure you are happy with the process from start to finish. We will be flexible as possible and we always work closely with you throughout the sales process to ensure you are happy with the process from start to finish.
Why do you refer to yourselves as a cash buyer?
Because we only make cash offers for the properties we buy. We donít need to borrow any money for the purchase.
Is the condition of the property important?
No. We're interested in everything, from newly-decorated homes to properties with major problems. If repairs are needed, we can take care of them. It's not a problem.
Do you offer rent-back or buy-back options?
Yes, we offer both schemes that are designed so that you can stay-on in your current home after the sale. After you have sold us your property you can rent it back for as long as you want. At the time of the sale you can also opt to buy the property back from us at some point in the future when you are financially stable.

Our rental rates are based on fair market prices and the term of the agreement can be as long or as short as you want. With our buy-back option you would agree to purchase the property at an agreed price in the future.

We are flexible to our customers requirements, so if rent-back or buy-back are important to you, please contact us so we can discuss how best to meet your needs.

I am having financial difficulties and I have missed some mortgage payments - can you still help me?
I am about to be Repossessed - can you still help me?
Yes. We work with highly experienced solicitors who specialise in dealing with Repossessions and can stop a Repossession or eviction proceeding. We have helped many people facing repossession, who have been within hours of being evicted.
I don't want anyone to know about my situation.
The information you provide is kept totally confidential. We operate in a professional, discreet and ethical manner. We do not put up 'For sale' or 'sold' signs. We are NOT sales people. The bottom line for us is to listen to you and help you.
How do your prices compare to what I would get from an Estate Agent?
Depending on the type, condition and location of the property, we usually pay between 75% and 85% of the open market value (the price your house would be worth to achieve a sale within 4-6 weeks). Estate Agents can only give you a guide to what your property is worth but not necessarily the true value. Also, it is important to note that the market price is NOT the advertised price at which similar properties are being sold for but what they actually sell for.

You are more likely to achieve a higher price on the open market but there is no guarantee of a quick, smooth, stress free sale. Plus, you still have to pay additional costs such as estate agency fees and full solicitor fees.

We aim to provide you a flexible solution to suit your circumstances and not merely purchasing a property. This could be in the form a rent back to the seller or a quick release of funds for your next purchase. We are also ensuring you have a quick and guaranteed sale.
How quickly do I need to leave the property?
We are flexible to YOUR needs and many options are available, including the choice for you to rent your property back and stay for as long as you like! as long as your rent is in good standing order.
I have a friend who may be interested in your service. Is it worth me telling them?
Yes. We guarantee to pay you £1000 when you tell-a-friend. We will pay you this on the day of completion.
I have received a valuation from another company, what if I don't want to sell today?
We are a local based, forward thinking company, taking pride in our reputation and code of conduct. We put our client's needs first and have the expertise to provide workable solutions to suit your circumstances. See our benefits page before you decide.
Will you buy my property if I am ill?
Health problems can cause unexpected loss of earnings and also mean that you have to pay for expensive treatment or care. In either case your property can be an answer to the problems. Either through a total sale or an equity-release scheme we can provide you with the cash you need to get on with your life.

We are flexible in how we approach the transaction enabling us to tailor a deal around individual circumstances - making sure you have one less worry to deal with.