Want to break the chain?

Whether your sale has fallen through, you just want to prevent this happening, or you have found the house of your dreams, we can guarantee a sale of your property. We can also give you the option to stay on as a tenant via rent back, if your new home isn't ready to move into on the day of the sale to us.

Around 33% of all property chains break causing unnecessary complications and cost to the process of selling your home. You can remove this uncertainty and break the chain, by selling your home direct to us.

The advantage of selling to us is that we can tailor the solution to suit you, therefore putting you in control of the sale process. So if you are waiting for a new house to be built, or just require a quick guaranteed sale, then we will design a purchase solution to suit you.

What about below you in the chain?

Not for you? How about the buyers and sellers below you in the chain? You could still protect your chain by contacting us to purchase your buyer's home. You would be rewarded with £1000 in the process with our tell-a-friend scheme.

Other benefits of our service include no legal fees, tell-a-friend and a highly professional, yet personal service. For more information on how our simple process works please visit how it works.

Next steps

For more information regarding our service please feel free to contact us or call 01484 490 191 today.

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